Randomly Productive Saturdays

My weekends tend to be completely random, and yet quite productive. As soon as I start one project, my brain feels inspired by another thought and off I go to pursue a different project. Whether it’s driving to an estate sale, working on a picture frame project, dusting the family room, painting and installing more quarter round, pulling out ivy, or researching where to get cheap marble slabs . . . I just bounce from thing to thing.

Sometimes I think that I definitely have ADD and have turned it into a creative outlet. I don’t know about you, but my brain is this uncontrollable endless stream of seemingly random thoughts and only I can crack the code. It goes and goes and goes, jumping from this to that and back to this again. Then, out of nowhere, it stops. I can’t remember all the data that was just so freely flowing. I am constantly keeping tabs on my mind, self talking, making sure it stays somewhat organized.   Yes, that does sound completely crazy and yet, I am more than confident that it the most normal thing ever.  My random brain results in a bit of mess at times, mainly due to the ongoing, unfinished projects that seem to take me a hundred times longer than others to complete. But, ultimately, I attribute my successes to my crazy.

Right now I am in a place where I have all the time in the world (on the weekends) to sporadically choose how to spend my time with little rhyme or reason.   I think as life gets filled with more and more this is only going to become more of a lifestyle, only with more balance. When there are kids and carpools and such, I’ll have to squeeze in my plethora of projects into fifteen-minute sessions here and there. I can still be random, but I will also need to be more efficient like all those powerhouse mamas out there.

For now, I am embracing my crazy, random mind! It makes me happy to go with the flow and act on what I want to do, when I want to do it. There are so few opportunities in a week to just do you, so on my weekends, I will do work wherever my heart takes me! Even if that means only spending twenty minutes on installing the baseboards (that I started over a year ago). Embrace your crazyIMG_0843 IMG_0912 IMG_0927 IMG_0930 IMG_0852 IMG_0857IMG_0794


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