DIY Pallet Frames

So, you may have gathered from that last post that I tend to be a messy person. And it’s true. (Must maintain the neatness.) What you may not have figured out is that despite being messy, I can also be very OCD-ish. It presents in very peculiar ways like creating a graphic for work, or where to place the return address on an envelop, even what width/color washi tape is best in my bullet journal. (If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, you need to!) This OCD side of me usually means I develop a minor fear of failure. To avoid mistakes I research the heck out what I want to do. I have put hours into reading how to install baseboards, stain furniture, strip furniture, and hang art.

Now this last topic still gets me. My minor fear of hanging art the wrong way has grown slightly. I think what stops me is knowing that the art and photos I hang may change sooner rather than later. With babies on the mind and more vacations planned, I know wedding photos and twenties fun aren’t going to cut it forever. I know, I know, you just swap out pictures, add more, change it up. That’s the logical part of my brain. But, if you know me, I need things settled a certain way in my mind before I’m good with something. So, I have devised the perfect plan to inspire me to create a beautiful display of art in the house. I call it the pallet refrigerator door (just made that up).

I got my hands on some pallets and dissembled them (yes, I watched 3+ videos on disassembling pallets). It wasn’t until I saw the plain boards that I thought, this would be great for short-term photos!


I printed out 4×4 pictures so that I could size the boards, sanded them, then cut them down to size!  One long pallet could fit 5 prints, so I decided to cut the boards to fit two photos and three photos.IMG_0806







Next, I stained, dry brushed, stained again, sealed, and applied the hardware!  (This all took place over the course of a few days!)  I had the remains of two tiny Minwax stain cans left, so I mixed two to have enough.




My paint was just left over sample paints from last winter.  I started with a white, then added two extra colors with purple and green undertones.  I re- sanded down to my liking and stained over the paint to get the weathered look I was going for.

Now, to hang them . . . the hardest part!

The finished project, on the wall!  (I need to make one more to fill the wall out better.)  Do you like?




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